Online Dog Training

Online dog training courses are a fantastic option for those of us juggling a hectic schedule, and aren't we all?

You can literally train your dog in your living room while you're waiting for your dinner to cook. Plus, you're getting expert advice tailored to solve common problems—no more patchy solutions from unverified sources.

Have a look at the courses we offer, linked below. They're designed to give you the skills you need to have a happier, better-behaved pet.

Anywhere you are in the world and whatever your schedule, if you have the internet, we can help you with our online dog training options.

Train at home when YOU have the time and don’t be limited by the time schedule of local options. PLUS give your dog the benefit of learning at their own pace too, adding distractions only when both you and they are ready.

Frantic To Focused – Signature Reactivity Program

Does your dog bark and lunge at other dogs on walks? Or are they so overly distracted on walks that they just don’t seem to care about you and your commands at all? This is the program for you. This comprehensive course takes you step by step on how to get your dog from a frantic dog to a focused dog on walks. EVEN around other dogs.

Puppy Priorities

Do you have a new puppy? Want to make puppy-hood as easy as possible and to know you’re setting your puppy up to be the best dog they can be? Follow the puppy training and raising guidance in this short course to unleash your pup's full potential.

Virtual Dog School - Signature Manners & Obedience Program

So much more than sit and stay. When your dog is a Virtual Dog School graduate, they'll be in tune with you more than ever and ready to follow your lead. You'll learn all the classic obedience commands but also some important skills that you won't find in a traditional obedience class like go to your bed and leave it. Learn to understand each other better and create the best friend relationship you always wanted with your dog.

Free Video Workshop

Stop dog tractivity and have your dog really listen to you.

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