Congratulations on being a responsible dog owner and taking the first step towards an easier, more enjoyable life with your dog!

7Dog training isn’t all about the dogs, it’s about you too. Dogs are meant to add joy to our lives, but so often, they add stress instead. Like most relationship issues, this is usually due to communication issues and misunderstanding between us and our canine best friends.

Our dogs live with us for a long time. When we first bring them home, we want to provide the best possible care for them and this means investing in health care, bedding and a quality diet.

Just like we invest in preventative health care, investing in training can prevent a lifetime of unnecessary issues, yet this important part of a dog’s life is often overlooked.

By starting training early – whether you have adopted an older dog or a young puppy, many serious behaviour issues can be avoided, and you can develop an understanding of how your dog learns so that you can confidently teach them through any stumbles that you may come across throughout the rest of their lives.

A well mannered dog not only saves you money on vet bills and behavioural training, but is a lot more fun to live with.

Having a closer bond and strong relationship can be achieved by training with Tenille and Dog Matters, and this is priceless.

How Our Services Work

The first step is to book an initial lesson below. This lesson will get you started on training to suit your specific situation but also helps the trainer to assess the dog and behaviour. An initial lesson runs for around an hour and a half and is held in the comfort of your home (in the Bundaberg and coast areas) where your dog is most comfortable for new learning and where they are displaying any unwanted behaviours.

Upon booking, you will be sent a questionnaire to complete before the lesson and a training agreement to sign. All of this is electronic for your convenience and to be environmentally friendly – you don’t need to print anything out at all. Payment is required upon booking to secure your spot. An initial session is $395 in your home and runs for around an hour and a half. Please allow 2 hours just in case.

Once we have had our initial session together, Tenille will have a thorough picture of what your dog needs and will sit down with you and discuss what she recommends as the best program for you and your dog to train further. Or, if we have solved your main behaviour problem in one session, that may be all that is required.

To get started working with us, choose a time and book a lesson using the button below. You will be taken to a calendar to choose your booking time and once selected, you will be asked to pay the full fee to secure your spot. Please ensure that you then fill in the pre-session questionnaire form and e-sign the training agreement – there is a link to both of these on the confirmation page.

Please do not feed or heavily exercise your dog on the day of the lesson. This helps you both to get the most out of it (even if your dog loves food and never gets full).

If your dog has an issue that is extreme, aggressive, or unsafe, please speak to us before booking.

If your dog has aggression towards people, please contact us before booking.

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