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What Do We Do?

Dog Matters is based in Bundaberg, Queensland and is owned and run by trainer, Tenille Williams. Tenille is passionate about helping people to solve their unwanted dog problems and train their dogs to be well mannered companions.

Does Your Dog Have Any Of The Following Issues?

  • Pulling on the leash
  • Won’t come when called
  • Barking and lunging at other dogs
  • Barking at home
  • Toilet accidents in the house
  • Chewing and destruction
  • Separation anxiety
  • Fears or phobias
  • Aggression to people
  • Chasing livestock or other animals
  • Won’t stay when told
  • OCD behaviours
  • Puppy training problems

We are experienced in successfully working together with owners to solve these issues. If you have a dog behaviour problem or need some obedience training, get in touch to book a consultation with us.


About Me, Tenille Williams

I’m qualified through the National Dog Trainers Federation and have been working with animals for over 15 years including vet surgery work, training horses, nursing wildlife back to health, caring for reptiles and of course, training dogs. I grew up in Jimboomba, a country area south of Brisbane and moved to the Bundaberg area in 2008.

I enjoy training in scent work, protection work and other specialty areas but I especially love helping dog owners to achieve a special bond with their dog and realise their dog’s true potential! Solving dog aggression issues has become my speciality as it is one of the most common issues I see and work with.

There’s nothing like seeing a dog make a break through and seeing the joy also on the owner’s face as they achieve their goals, even things they didn’t think were possible. This is one of my favourite parts of working teaching people to train their dogs.

My other interests include the outdoors, the beach, snorkelling and music. I play the ukulele, guitar and the piano. Just for fun.

Over the last couple of years I have also developed a passion for the online world and I create online video lessons. You can check out the free videos here and on the Facebook Page and my Youtube channel.

I have also created the Dog Matters Academy, a growing and in depth online video course library so that I can help people to train their dogs all over the world! Check it out!

Oh, and make sure you join the free facebook community group here.

Training & Achievements

Training Emus and Cotton Top Tamarin Monkeys

In 2017, I commenced training with the Emus and Cotton Top Tamarins at the Bundaberg Zoo. The goal of training with these species is to create less stressful handling and capture procedures for the animals.

For example, the Emus are being trained to follow a target for capture, rather than being chased, and also to accept a drench being placed on theirback willingly. The monkeys are being trained to voluntarily enter a crate for capture to go to the vets.Both species have successfully used their newly trained skills for vet work and medical procedures.


Australasian Animal Conditioning Workshop – The GAP October 2016

I presented a paper presentation – “Giving Animals Purpose – Even If We’ve Never Met.” It was an honour to speak at this event amongst animal trainers from around the world,

mostly zoo trainers of all sorts of animals from sea lions to sting rays to wombats to horses and more.

Josh Moran Dogmanship Seminar May 2016

Josh Moran, the Barefoot Dog Trainer, visited Australia to conduct seminars on Dogmanship. Josh is a professional dog trainer from Buffalo, New York and is a very skilled dog handler. It was a privilege to be able to work with him at the seminar.

Dingo Training at The Bundaberg Zoo

I was hired by the Bundaberg Regional Council to train the two dingoes at their zoo when the dingoes were young pups in November 2013 and the training sessions continue today for the dingoes’ ongoing mental stimulation and maintenance training. The dingoes LOVE their training sessions.



I was interviewed on local channel seven news and channel WIN news in regards to starting the dingo training at the Bundaberg Zoo. You can click watch the Channel 7 Segment here… But I find it terribly embarrassing!

Home Helper Magazine Bundaberg
I have been writing a column for the Bundaberg Home Helper magazine since February 2012 on a wide range of dog training and behaviour topics. You can see my articles in each issue of Home Helper – every three weeks.

Search & Rescue Scent Work Seminar With Steve Austin

A fund raiser seminar for the Wildlife Emergency Centre at Australia Zoo held in 2013. This seminar covered the basic foundation work for search and rescue and scent based search work. Attended with Lola and Envy who both did excellent work on the day.

KNPV Seminar April 2013

KNPV Seminar with Willem Gepkin & Harry van der Most. Internationally renowned KNPV (Dutch Police Dog) trainers. Protection training and decoy work. Highlights: Being bitten by protection dogs while wearing a full bite suit! New appreciation gained for the power of a dog.

Emily Larlham Seminar

August 2012. Emily Larlham (aka Kikopup on YouTube) Seminar at Camp Tailwaggers. Progressive Reinforcement Training. Emily Larlham was one of the inspirations for me getting into dog training so it was amazing to meet this YouTube dog training star and see her methods in action.

Emily Larlham Seminar

Completed NDTF Course in 2010

Successfully completed the NDTF’s Certificate III in Dog Behaviour & Training including all electives in scent detection, assistance dog training and complex skills training.

Published Training Matters eBook

I originally put this book together in 2012 as a reference for clients. In 2015 I revised it and improved it and offered it for purchase. I explain in the book in clear language how dogs learn and how to teach them effectively in many areas, as well as how to teach obedience positions and solve common behaviour issues. It’s available on Amazon Kindle and on my website here.

Meet The Team

Tenille Williams - Founder & Trainer

Tenille Williams is the founder and trainer of Dog Matters, which she launched in early 2011. Tenille has worked with literally hundreds of dogs and their owners to improve their manners and train out bad habits. Tenille is passionate about helping people to help their dogs and has even expanded to online training services helping people all over the world.


Lola is an 9 year old cocker spaniel cross mini fox terrier (apparently!) and is the first puppy that my husband Jamie and I got together in 2008.

Lola loves to chase anything that moves and has so much character and love. She’s a tough dog in a small package. A little pocket rocket!

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