Below are some video before & afters and some of our many written testimonials.

I came across Tenille while looking online for resources to work with my own dog. Her training tips are practical and her advice is tailored to particular cases.

Even though we live in different countries,Tenille was very forthcoming with her feedback and advice via the various channels, including online chat. My dog and I have made great improvements since, and we’re glad to have Tenille on our team.

Jaime Koh


For all my Facebook friends check out the “Dog Matters” Facebook page. Tenille is a wonderful trainer and has the very best training methods I have ever

seen, her knowledge of dog behaviour is incredible. If your dog has any problems Tenille can fix it and very quickly as well. For people that don’t live in our area she also has online classes. She really is the Dog Whisperer.

Jill Downs

We have just had our very first training lesson with Tenille, she has been amazing, we have gone from a puppy petrified of the lead to getting quite

comfortable with it, as well as teaching me a lot more strategies to use in training, looking forward to next weeks lesson.

Tenille Sealey

After emailing and phoning around to try and get my puppy into some sort of puppy school, Tenille took the time to call me and was more than happy to

answer any of my questions, as a first time puppy/dog owner I really wanted the best, already seeing great results from my stubborn little border collie, thanks so much for taking the time and sqeezing me in this arvo, greatly appreciated your patience and time with not only Letty but myself too

Krystal Mackay

Tenille was wonderful with our two dogs during a private session at our home and was able to address every issue we had with them. She is extremely

knowledgable and we saw an instant improvement in their behaviours! She made it very easy for me to learn disciplinary techniques to use on our dogs. Very happy! Thanks Tenille.

Lauren Hart

Cassie and I had our first lesson with Tenille today and I am so impressed!!Already, I can see improvements in Cassie’s behaviour, and

my behaviour handling Cassie, and we are really looking forward to the classes in March. Tenille is a wonderful teacher, patient and knowledgeable. I’d recommend Dog Matters to anyone….

Ariel Chaster

Highly recommend Dog Matters for all dog training needs. Tenille is wonderful with dogs and owners she has taught us so much and helped our dogs immensely

Tatia Finlayson

Great training and professionalism. My border collie is constantly engaged and welcome. Very pleasing results.

Kaylah Fox

I acquired a rescue dog named Matilda. Beagle/foxy mix. We were attending basic training sessions for about a year. I still continued to experience a great deal

of frustration. I searched for a dog trainer who could provide us with one on one training. Tenille came to my house and we started with basic techniques. After one class, I felt a great deal of relief. We continued more sessions then moved to her weekend class. Matilda loves going. Tenille is the ‘Dog Whisperer’. She is fantastic.

Mary Bartlett

Being taught how to walk on both a short lead and a long lead in public has been invaluable. We can go everywhere together without pulling including parks

and the beach. Makes walking something to look forward to.

I already had a good girl in Juno, I just needed to be taught how to be a good owner. Tenille taught me how to harness our potential and now Juno and I can go everywhere together and have a great time without worry.

Di Wills

Just had our first 1:1 puppy training with Tenille and I must say I was very impressed. She was so knowable, skilled and easy to chat to. I had many a new

puppy owner questions and worries but she made feel very at easy and answered all my questions. She even got our puppy walking on a lead straight away and we have been enjoying some short walks ever since. Thanks so much Tenille looking forward to puppy school on Saturday!

Sarah Littler

Tenille is an excellent dog trainer with the dogs best interests at heart, She has a fantastic attitude with people. She is very clear and very imformitive with her

instruction. I would recommend her anytime.

Angela Burke

Thankyou for today, Ernie & I have learnt heaps looking forward to next week

Pam Raymond

Thanks Dog Matters, you’ve helped me achieve what I never thought possible!

Keeley Beard

Dog Matters & Tenille are truly heaven sent ! I was at my wits end with my 2 dogs & their bad antisocial behaviour. Tenille worked with both myself & the

dogs , teaching us ALL how to behave and we are so much happier & healthier for it !

I could not recommend Dog Matters highly enough and with out their help I don’t know what I would have done !

Holly Bailey

Tenille is an amazing trainer who knows her stuff. Highly recommend her services to anyone needing any type of guidance for them and their dog.

Brydie Charlesworth

First session today with Tenille and I am extremely impressed. She was handling our aggressive little dog in ways we have never been able to. She has given us

some great training techniques to get started on. Would highly recommend her services.

Sonya Dexter McCall

Looking for dog training? Then I can highly recommend Tenille Williams at Dog Matters. I have an Australian Terrier who is very head strong and likes to do

things his way . From the first lesson Digger and I had with Tenille, Digger was doing what Tenille was telling him to do. It was great to see him not eat the biscuit that were put in front of him until he was told to eat them, to sit on a mat and not move until called, to walk on a lead without pulling. Tenille was able to do this in a firm but quiet manner without shouting at Digger . It was great to see the connection and respect Digger had with Tenille after this first lesson. When we started attending group classes I was amazed by how well all the different breeds of dogs responded to what ever Tenille requested they do. So give Tenille at Dog Matters a try you will be very happy with the training results Tenille provides.

Connie Rayner

I’ve been to Tenille from Dog Matters many times with my German Shepherd and each time I have been thoroughly impressed with her training.

No matter what problem I have had with my dog, Tenille has been able to help me understand the situation and find a solution that works for both myself and my dog. She is extremely knowledgable and patient, and I would highly recommend her to anyone.

Christina Luken

Tenille at Dog Matters is fantastic. Private session was excellent along with the obedience training groups. It is obvious that Tenille is passionate about

her work and from that her skills/knowledge is great! Would highly recommend to others.

Anita Patterson

Tenille from Dog Matters is friendly, approachable & very professional. She speaks & teaches in an understandable way that is fun & easy to follow. The one-

on-one session was brilliant for my pup & I, we learnt great basics & were able to focus on a specific problem area & by me following up training afterwards my pup is well & truely on her way… I highly recommend Dog Matters to anyone seeking professional, friendly, consistent training for you & your fur kid.. I’m really encouraged by our progress & love the ease & convenience of the weekly run classes… Thank you Dog Matters

Kat Johnston

Tula and I have had our first private and group lesson this week. Great fun!! I’m already seeing the befits!! Would highly recommend to all dog owners.

Storme Collier

Dog Matters is a fantastic asset to your beloved pets. If you need a dog that needs training you don’t need to look anywhere else. The professionalism and

calibre of knowledge that I have witnessed with this nationally accredited dog trainer is just amazing. There is no other training like it available. You just have to see the results to believe it. Very highly recommended!!

Sharonika Williamson

Our first training session was great. We went for our first walk this morning and Maggie was very well behaved. Thanks Tenille for helping us. Great job!

Jennifer Greg

Top service from Tenille, absolute professional and extremely helpful

Kylie Cook

Hi Tenille… I leave you a 5 star rating… you just earned it 😊… you are a fun person to have around and your knowledge about dogs is just amazing…

I had problems with my dog mainly outside when we went for a walk, Hazel (the dog) she just didnt care about a thing I wanted from her she was totaly ignorant just pulling on the leash I was just kind of a ballast on the end of the leash that stopped her from running away… well and her issue with other dogs, it didnt make fun at all outside with her, Hazel was just screaming like being murdered when she saw an other dog… Now we can go for walks together and its just nice… Hazel walks next to me and pays attention, even when we see other dogs 😊… we both are so much happier… We will continue the training… there is much more for me and Hazel to learn 😊

Michaela Ziegler

Tenille is so lovely!! Such a beautiful person and amazing at her job. She has been a pleasure to deal with and has assisted hugely in tackling behavioural

issues with our pooches. I would highly recommend 🙂

Steph Vaughan

For anyone considering getting any kind of training I highly recommend Tenille. We have a boxer pup and anyone whom has ever owned a boxer knows they are

notorious dopes but for us this is not the case. Tenille has trained fury since she was only weeks old and fury is a very obedient fast learning pup and we absolutely couldn’t have done it without Tenille’s help.

Christine Oakey

Wow! I was so skeptical but was desperate for my pup to learn some manners. Tenille was friendly, helpful & knew what she was talking about. Not

only was she great with our pup, she was also great with my 13 year old son who will be our pups main person. Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou!

Melissa Prouse

Tenille was amazing, she had the ability to teach my dogs as well as me when it came to their training. She was a pleasure to be around when the training

session started and never showed judgement, just understanding. Everybody should try Dog Matters. Thanks Tenille.

Sandy Sergiacomi

Fantastic value for money and Tenille is awesome at what she does! Would suggest her to anyone.

Bryar Evans

Tenille helped with our crazy Labrador puppy who loved our kids just a little too much and jumped all over them ! Now they can play outside with him and enjoy

his company! We can’t thank Tenille enough for showing us the foundations of manners for Tonka 😀

Aaron & Anita Day

Amazing. Can not recommend enough. With a beagle puppy and three small children i needed some major help. With dog matters help, and after only having

3 sessions so far we already have a fanastic puppy. I have so much more confidence when training my puppy. Dog matter has not only helped and changed my puppy but my family.

Angela Schulz

Oh my goodness Tenille is a very gifted lady. After just the first place one on one lesson my ridiculously problematic staffy is a completely different dog. I would not

of believed the dog at the end of the lesson was my own except I was there for the whole thing. Tenille is a very talented and knowledgeable trainer and I would strongly recommend her to everyone and anyone with a dog. Truly amazing results!

Loren Juers

Tenille has a big heart! She has helped me in so many ways!

Michael Kirchhubel

Awesome service today Tenille. Roxy had a great time.

Maree Bowman

We were having A LOT of behavioural issues with our dog and It got to the point that our children were scared to go outside if she was not restrained. With Tenille’s guidance, the problems we were having were quickly (it only took 3 visits), rectified. Our children now feel very confident and secure around our dog. I would recommend Tenille to anyone that is having any sort of dog problem no matter how trivial you might think it is. I guarantee that she will have the right solution to any problem you have.

Dean Caldwell

Doing a great job with the dingoes at Alexandra park zoo

Breoni Jeffrey

Bundaberg Zoo

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