Distance Learning Programs – Train Your Dog Via Video Call, From Anywhere!

One on one training is the best way to solve behavioural issues that you’re experiencing with your dog. But what you may not know is that this can be done successfully by distance learning via video calls.

Successful dog training has a LOT to do with training the owner and we can make big changes to your dog’s behaviour with one on one Zoom calls (like Skype), video lessons, and video assessments.

All you will need is a good internet connection to attend a video call.

It is preferable during implementation between lessons, but not essential, to be able to send in recorded videos of your progress which can be done with any smart phone.

Distance learning can help with most dog training needs that we see in person, such as dogs that don’t listen to you, dogs that are easily distracted, puppy training, toilet training, pulling on lead, barking, separation anxiety and many other issues.

To book a video session, click here to select a time and secure your booking.

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