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Customised In-Home Dog Training & Behaviour Solutions In Bundaberg, The Coral Coast. Private and Online Dog Training So That Your Dog Will Want To Listen To You…

Even around distractions?

Get started with my free dog training ebook and teach your dog to listen to you, even around distractions and even if they are reacting to other dogs. Or start your private in-person dog training journey now in the Bundaberg region or with our online programs. Contact us here or call 0400 227 770

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Looking For In-Home Dog Training In Bundaberg?

Dog Matters provides dog training in Bundaberg and the Coral Coast. We offer one on one dog training and behaviour services in Bundaberg, Bargara, Innes Park, Coral Cove, Elliott Heads and Burnett Heads.

Tenille at Dog Matters offers help with behaviour problems, dog obedience training and puppy training – all in the comfort of your own home in Bundaberg and surrounds.

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Free Reactive Dog Training

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For Dog Training Professionals

Online Dog Training & Bundaberg Dog Training

Tenille Can Help If:

→ When you walk your dog you feel like you’re holding on for dear life wrestling the whole time like you’re being dragged behind a sled team

→ Your dog is good at home but barks and lunges at other dogs on walks and doesn’t seem to care about you whenever there is any distraction (ouch!)

→ Your dog or new pup is howling when you leave or keeping you up at night? Or peeing in the house, eating the furniture or destroying your belongings

→ You want to raise your puppy the right way and avoid potential issues from the start with proper training and less stress.

Amazing. Can not recommend enough. With a beagle puppy and three small children I needed some major help. With Dog Matters help, and after only having 3 sessions so far we already have a fantastic puppy. I have so much more confidence when training my puppy. Dog Matters has not only helped to change my puppy, but my family.

Angela Schulz

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Dog training should be about YOUR relationship with your dog….not your dog’s relationship with his trainer. Pick an article collection below to visit the blog. There are articles for dog training and for pro dog trainers in business:

For Dog Owners

Build a rock solid relationship with your dog and have a ton of fun doing it. Give them the skills they need to be a calm, confident, happy and healthy family pet you can take anywhere.

For Professional Dog Trainers

We all want to help more dogs and their people. But you help no one if you’re burnt out and chasing clients. Let me guide you to growing a successful training business, get more amazing clients and help more dogs.

Dog Training Bundaberg – We Come To You!

If you’re after dog training in Bundaberg, you can train in the comfort of your own home with Tenille right there to guide you through the steps and show you exactly what your dog needs. This not only benefits you, but also sets your dog up for success by starting off with less distractions to learn around. As training progresses, a variety of convenient training locations close to you can be used. See details and book here

Online Dog Training – Proven Methods For Success

We want to make sure that you get the results that you’re after. We have a range of in home dog training programs and online dog training courses designed to achieve your goals with your dog either in person or by distance learning. By working together on your goals, you and your dog are both set up for ongoing success.

A Before And After

This is Shelby. When her owners came to us for help, Shelby was already several years old and well ingrained in this habit. We can help people with all sorts of dogs, any age and every breed. Can we help you to achieve this sort of change with your dog too.

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We Teach People To Train Their Dogs

At Dog Matters, we want you to be involved in the dog training process so that you can continue on successfully when our one on one time together has come to a close. So we teach you how to communicate effectively with your dog and improve your relationship, while solving unwanted behaviours, and staying on top things. Here’s one of our many happy clients, Kay, describing her experience with Dog Matters.

Sit, Wait… Are You Ready? Enrol now!

Our foundation program detailed above, this is the course for any puppy or adult dog that needs to learn the obedience and manners skills that everyone benefits from:

  • How to understand how dogs learn and how we can use this information to teach them
  • ​Apply easy training that you can put into practice throughout your daily activities at home
  • ​Discover how to proof your training so that your dog can listen around distractions and in different environments
  • Create engagement and both automatic and on cue focus from your dog
  • ​Learn the most essential commands every dog needs to know
  • ​Easy to understand and apply

Our signature program on dog reactivity. I your dog is highly distracted or barks and lunges towards other dogs on walks, this program will help you turn your dog from Frantic To Focused and enjoy your walks together, as it should be.

  • How to change what happens at the human end of the leash to help your dog
  • Get control of panic, embarrassment and fear on walks
  • ​Learn what to do in an emergency like an off leash dog approaching you
  • Create engagement and both automatic and on cue focus from your dog
  • ​Learn the most essential commands to help you work on reactivity
  • ​Instructions on how to work around your dog’s trigger in a safe and productive way and get them through their fears
  • If you’re a dog trainer, use this training program to help your clients see more success with their reactive dogs.

Getting a new puppy is so exciting. They are just so cute, right? And that very cuteness makes it easy to forget how hard puppy raising can be!

Follow the Raise The Woof program, plus get support from Tenille and other members to make sure your cute pup becomes the best dog they can be. Learn how to:

  • Toilet train your puppy within 2 weeks
  • What socialisation actually means and how to do it correctly while your pup is most impressionable
  • ​How to leash train a puppy
  • ​How to stop mouthing, biting and jumping up
  • How to stop chewing and destruction in young pups

Buy my eBooks!

Get the eBook that takes the confusion out of dog training and puts facts into an easy to understand language for you, so that you can speak the language of your dog.

Are you looking for an explanation of dog training that helps you to understand how your dog thinks and learns? Looking for information online can be so confusing as there is so much conflicting advice. In Training Matters, we explain not just the how of dog training, but the why, so that you know what to do and why to do it this way.

WHY does my dog do that?! And what can I do about it?

Answering these two questions is my job, . This ebook is a collection of articles on why our dogs do the things they do, and what we can do to get them to do more of the things we like, and less of the things we don’t.

The Blog

Visit our blog to learn more about dog training and behaviour tips, stories and inspiration.

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