The Sit Test – Does Your Dog Really Know The Command?

The Sit Command Test

I have a challenge for you . It’s called the sit command test (you can do it with any command though). This is a test to see if your dog really understands the word “sit” or whether they rely on your body language. Basically, you say the word sit without moving ANY part of your body –

so don’t move your eye brows like I tend to do either – that is cheating. Also try not to raise your voice. If your dog can still sit on cue, that’s a good sign. Next level! Turn your back and say the word sit with your dog behind you. Still good? A lot of dogs can’t do this as dogs rely on our body language so much rather than learning the sound of the word on it’s own. For a really hard challenge, try it sitting on the ground.

If your dog masters all of that, try it with another command. And if your dog can do all of it to the verbal command, I will be seriously impressed. You should send me a video!

Here’s a video of Christine and Fury demonstrating the sit test.

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