15 Weirdest Dog Training Advice

1. Never play tug of war with your dog. It will make him turn on you and the kids

Actually, played properly, tug of war is an awesome game to play with your dog and makes a fantastic training reward. Bonus: it’s a work out! Do make sure that your dog releases the tug on command though because this will make training easier and work to your advantage.

2. If there is an object that you don’t want your dog to chew, yell at the object to punish the object with the dog watching. If you aggressively attack the clothes on your washing line, your dog won’t pull the washing down anymore…

I mean, I’ve never tried it so I can’t say I’m sure on this one…. But I’m enjoying the mental image of someone yelling at their clothes line in the backyard…

3. If you want him to go to the toilet, all you have to do is tickle his pickle

When pups are really little the mother dog licks their genitals to makes them go, then eats it. So I’m guessing that’s where this advice came from… but older dogs are past that reflex and I’m not recommending you do that, especially in public.

4. If you dog attacks chickens, tie a dead chicken carcass around it’s neck so it has to drag the carcass around everywhere

Punishment should be immediate, the precise moment the dog performs the behaviour that is being punished, and then it needs to be over very quickly. Ongoing punishment that the dog can’t escape is cruel and does not make sense to the dog. If anything, this could teach the dog a strong aversion to chickens and they could stay away from them afterwards and that’s why some people have had success with this, but it’s not because the dog knows that it killed a chicken when it shouldn’t have.

5. If you feed them raw meat, they’ll become savage killers. If you feed them eggs, they’ll raid the chook house

Dogs should eat raw meat because that’s what they are built to eat. Even if a dog did hunt and kill it’s food (as it’s born to do), dogs know the difference between hunting prey to eat and co-existing peacefully with humans and other dogs. Give them some credit 😉

6. To stop your dog escaping, chain them to a tyre and wheel

Well if the dog can’t move, yeah, I guess they aren’t going anywhere. It would be much safer to tie the dog to a secure pole or even better to put them in a dog run as chaining a dog to anything for long periods unsupervised can cause behaviour issues and is physically dangerous.

7. Pee on your dog to show them you are the alpha

I got this office job once and my boss did that too me. I just thought she was strange but I accepted her authority so I guess it worked…. See how stupid that sounds?

8. Spit in your dog’s food to show them you are the alpha

Your dog knows you are in charge already by the fact that without you, he wouldn’t be getting the food at all. You really don’t need to do this. Also, it’s weird.

9. You can use sexual gratification (humping) as a reward

There’s a prominent trainer demonstrating this on youtube. I’ve seen it and it can’t be unseen. You’ve been warned. Also, please don’t do this. Treats and toys work great as rewards. Let’s stick with that.

10. To get your working dog’s respect, hit it more and if it cries when you tie it up, hose it until it stops

Sigh. I hope I don’t need to explain why you shouldn’t do this. Hold one finger up and repeat the command and kelpies are so smart they will figure it out No dog is telepathic. You need to SHOW the dog what on earth you’re talking about for them to learn a command.

11. Giving dogs toys will encourage them to bite people

I’m not sure where this has come from but I have never seen any evidence of this. Letting a dog bite people will encourage a dog to bite people.

12. When a dog bites and won’t release, put your finger up it’s bum

This could have a chance of working on a dog that isn’t being that serious. They could swing around in confusion wondering why on Earth you’d want to put your finger in their bum. They could also bite you for it. However, a really serious and determined dog is very difficult to get to let go and this is unlikely to work. Either way, there are other things you can do that aren’t so weird and gross.

13. To stop your puppy biting, bite it’s ear

Because it’s always a great idea to put your face closer to a biting dog…

14. Pretend to eat from your dog’s bowl or eat a cracker over your dog’s bowl so that they know you have first go and are alpha

At least, unlike some of these myths, this one isn’t going to do any harm. It’s just unnecessary. And weird.

15. Your pitbull’s brain will continue to grow and put pressure on her brain until she will snap and attack you. She’s a ticking time bomb

This sounds like a rare medical condition. It is not a breed trait.

16. Pitbulls have lock jaw

All large dogs have powerful jaws and some can hold on with a lot of determination. NO dog though, has “lock jaw.” It’s a total myth.

17. Never lift your puppy up over your shoulder because being up high will make them think they are dominant over you

This is actually being taught in puppy schools along with a couple of the other myths in this article. Dogs are not in a secret organisation planning to dominate the world. You can lift up and cuddle your puppy.

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