Why Crate Training Is Great For Your Puppy

Crate training was a totally new concept to me when I got into dog training. It’s never been as big a thing in Australia as it is overseas.

At first, I wasn’t sure why you’d want to put your dog in a cage. Now, I don’t know how anyone survives puppyhood without the proper use of a crate.

I just want to clarify that I’m not referring to just putting your puppy in a crate. There is a training process to make sure your puppy is calm and comfortable being in the crate. They shouldn’t be panicked, stressed or trying to escape.

Here’s why crate training is great for your puppy-raising adventure…

Your puppy is a baby animal that can walk, jump and has an instinct to chew just about anything it can find, like electric cables. Puppy also doesn’t have full bladder control and doesn’t understand that pooping is for outside.

One thing that puppy DOES know is that they don’t want to toilet where they sleep.

That’s why crating can help with toilet training – you can time your pup’s toilet breaks and know that within reason, puppy will hold it when in their crate.

Crating also keeps puppy safe. You hopefully wouldn’t let a toddler free roam the house unsupervised, so why a puppy?

The golden rule with puppy raising is supervision or confinement. Either you actively keep an eye on your puppy or you put them in an area where they can’t practice unwanted behaviour or get hurt. Gradually, your puppy can earn more freedom.

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