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One On One Dog Training In Bundaberg & The Bargara Coast

Whether you have a brand new puppy, a naughty teenage dog, a severe behaviour problem or just need some maintenance training, we have a solution to suit your needs best. Tenille will meet with you privately and can even come right to your home to work through behaviour problems or help you to prevent them.

Private lessons are the best way to learn how to solve your dog’s unwanted behaviours, teach obedience at home and learn to understand your dog better – and have them understand you. 

While Tenille will be there training your dog, private training is more about coaching for the owner as well, so that you and your dog can communicate with each other more effectively and understand how to make permanent changes together. 

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Online Dog Training Programs

We all have busy schedules and for some of us, making it to dog training isn’t easy. Instead, fit in training on your own time! Our online dog training programs can help you do just that. They are available at This is also a great way to train with Tenille if you’re on a budget. 

These online dog training courses are available to anyone in the world with an internet connection.

You can get started with a free membership at and browse our online training options from your dashboard, where you’ll also receive free downloads and special member perks. You can read more about the online dog training options here.

With Private Training Or Our Online Training, We Can Help You Achieve:

The Perfect Puppy

Set your puppy up for success from day one and make puppy raising fun and easy! Common puppy raising issues will be solved and prevented such as toilet training trouble, whining and crying, biting and mouthing and making sure that socialisation is done the right way to create a confident and well mannered dog that loves to listen to you!

Dog Matters Puppy Dog Training Programs Bundaberg

A Well Mannered Family Dog

You want a dog that is a pleasure to live with, that you can proudly take out in public without being pulled down the street. We can help with good manners training and solving behaviour problems around the home, and you can have a dog that happily listens to you so that life with your dog is enjoyable, as it should be.

Dog Matters Puppy dog Training Programs Bundaberg

Problem Behaviours Solved

Does your dog bark and lunge at other dogs on walks? Would you like to be able to trust your dog off leash and call them away from distractions? Do you have a behaviour problem that you just need to stop? We can help you solve your dog’s unwanted behaviours and make sure that no new ones arise in the future too. A safe and reliable dog is a joy to live with and if you’re not experiencing that right now, we’d love to help.

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